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Our agents have noticed an increase in activity  both in sales and rentals. A lot of our sales have been made to people who are currently renting in the area and have decided to make their home here permanently.


As the market continuously corrects itself, the realization that owning their own home may be possible has encouraged many people to give it a go. 

The best way to take the first step is to talk to a finance broker to see how much you can borrow.  I would strongly suggest that you talk to a broker first and not just your bank.  A broker has access to many banks and lending institutions which all have different lending criteria.  Your broker will know which one suits your circumstances.  If you just go to your bank, and they reject your application, this will go onto your credit history.  If that happens, it is more difficult to then go to another bank, whereas, a broker will not apply until he or she is comfortable that your application will be accepted.

When considering buying a property, it is always so important that you know exactly where you stand with your finances.  That way you will avoid disappointment once you make your decision to purchase a home.  In this market you will be in the drivers seat if you can make an offer with confidence.  If there is a property going to auction which you are interested in, then you need to know that you have the money secured prior to the auction night as this gives you the best opportunity to buy the property for the best possible price.  Again talk to your broker if you have to borrow some of the money. 

Our sales consultants can help you as they are dealing with buyers every day and know the best people for you to talk to.

For any real estate question you may have, please contact myself or one of our friendly staff ph 5546 9100 or send us an email to jimboomba@harcourts.com.au.


Its Time to Make a Move


With the knowledge that the end of the year is fast approaching, and if you have been seriously considering selling your home now is the perfect time to spring into action.  You would have already considered where you will be moving to and would have researched the prices and opportunities available in your chosen area. The next step is to have a reputable agent appraise your property which will give you an indication of where you would be in today’s market.

However, to optimize your chances of achieving the best possible price in the shortest possible time, taking your property to auction is the only viable way of making it happen.

The statistics speak for themselves.  Ask one of our sales consultants to show you the latest graph of properties sold using the auction process.  You will be impressed.

There is definitely more buyer activity around.  With the latest drop in interest rates, although, as usual, the banks have not passed on the full amount, buyers are seriously looking at the market.

What we do know is that when sellers come to terms with where this current market is and are able to price their property accordingly, the enquiry immediately increases.

What the auction process does is to let the seller know where they are in the market in a much shorter time frame.  This saves them the stress of trying to reach an unattainable amount, using up precious time when the property is first listed for sale as this is when the activity is at its greatest and then having to meet the market anyway.

It is always their choice to accept the offer or not, but they then know the true value and, sometimes, can achieve a better than expected outcome.

If you would like to discuss your situation with myself or one or our experiences sales consultants, please contact us by email at jimboomba@harcourts.com.au or phone on 07 55469100.  We are always there to help. 


What is Your Property Worth?

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